Participants’ Profiles

We strive for diversity in terms of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ability and geographical origin and professional background as well as expertise. We bring a wild mix of people together to stimulate collaborative creativity. Our selection process aims at bringing together people of diverse lived experiences, skill sets, political orientations, passions and talents that are engaged with grassroots experiences, political art practices, municipal processes, media makers, border-crossers and much more.

We hope to create a safe(r) space where people with different experiences, backgrounds and interests can come together and learn from each other. Willingness to continuing engaging with European Alternatives and with networks developed at Transeuropa will also be looked favourably in the selection process.

Please note that the budget available does not allow us to support economically all applicants but we are hoping to contribute to travel and accommodation expenses to as many participants as we can.

We will allocate part of the seats in the workshops through online applications and partially on a first-come-first-serve basis on the day of the workshops, in order to allow a balanced group of local and international participants.

Please note that, in line with our cancellation policy, we are asking a non refundable 20 euro advanced registration fee payable via PayPal or bank transfer upon confirmation of selection.