German-croatian director and author, currently living between Berlin and Dubrovnik. Angela Richter’s work always oscillated between art, theatre and performance. Intensive research on a topic are the starting point of the works by Angela Richter. The basis of her projects and performances are experiences and interviews, which she leads during the preparation time, but also until shortly before the premiere during the rehearsals. In the course of dealing with the research material, she creates a textual concentrate on stage, which is characterized by individual modulations, shifts and superimpositions. In terms of the director’s approach, the generic term “gonzo-theater” is often suggested: in memory of Hunter S. Thompson, who confused fiction and reality, journalism and writing. Another characteristic feature of her works development is the variable structure: in response to current socio-political events, they remain open to change far beyond the time of the premiere.The productions by Angela Richter surprise with their direct response and reflection to social contradictions. In doing so, the director repeatedly creates a visibility and thus comprehensibility for the abstract of a complex of themes that promotes and enables artistic reflection on specific contents. Her works proved that art can be a powerful tool in reaction to and challenge of western society.

Angela Richter will be a speaker at Teatro Garibaldi on Saturday 9th November at 17h for the panel “Art and technology: a production of new narratives