Ennio Pellicanò is a lawyer specializing in development economics, after years of work in development cooperation in projects of the United Nations and the European Union, in Latin America and Africa, founded in 2013 the cultural association and its Art Space in Palermo. His passion for the languages of the contemporary, leads him to undertake a path of research and design in contemporary art and the possible contingencies with other fields of research, such as political, economic, philosophical and scientific.

President and director of N38E13, he presents cultural projects of various kinds, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, artistic residencies, sound exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.
He has worked with public institutions such as “Riso – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della Sicilia”, “Ambasciata Italiana in Giappone”, “Istituto Italiano di Cultura Italiana Tokyo”, and with international institutions abroad such as “Institute of Contemporary Arts and International Cultural Exchange – TOKAS (Tokyo – Japan)”, and “Alfa Romeo Japan”.

In 2018 he closes the Art Space experience by deciding to undertake a nomadic path that, after Japan, will lead him in 2020 to temporarily transfer the coordinates in Chile, where he will carry out research on sound art in Patagonia and in the Atacama desert, presenting the results in Santiago de Chile during an exhibition.

Ennio Pellicanò curates the exhibition Tentacles in Sicily.