Kalypso Nicolaidis is professor of International Relations at the University of Oxford. Previously at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, she has worked with numerous EU institutions, including as a member of the European Council’s reflection group on the future of Europe chaired by Felipe Gonzales (2008-10). She is currently chair of the Oxford Working Group on Brexit as well as of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs in Oxford (CTGA) and the Global PeaceTech programme. Her research interests revolve around theaters of recognition, demoicratic theory, solidarity and empathy, global governance and international trade, European politics and economics, sustainable integration, post-colonialism, myth and politics. Her last book is: Exodus, Reckoning, Sacrifice: Three Meanings of Brexit (2019).

Kalypso Nicolaidis will partecipate Friday 8th at the international conference Europe For the Many.