Marco Cappato is the Coordinator of the “World Congress for freedom of scientific Research”, Treasurer of “Luca Coscioni Association” and founder of the Pan-European political movement Eumans.  He is the co-promoter of two European Citizens Initiatives: “A price for carbon to fight climate change” (stopglobalwarming.eu) and “For the respect of the rule of law in the European Union” (formyrights.eu). And with Eumans activists across Europe works on a reform of the European Union for democracy, the ecosystem and the quality of life carried on using all the participatory democracy instruments. As a nonviolent political leader in Italy, Marco Cappato led a number of political initiatives for civil rights and human rights through referendum, civil disobedience, strategic litigation and other democratic tools of political participation. Member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2009, and EP Rapporteur on: “privacy in electronic communication”; “human rights in the world for 2007”; “production of opium for medical purposes in Afghanistan”; “public access to EU documents”. Nominated for the “Politician of the year” award by “Wired” in 2003; winner of the “European of the Year” award organised by “the European voice”.

Marco Cappato will partecipate Friday 8th at the international conference Europe For the Many.