Suzana Carp is leading the EU branch of Sandbag, a well renown climate policy thank specialised in the the EU’s carbon budgets, industrial decarbonisation and coal phase out. Research by Sandbag has been instrumental in the discussion around clean air in the EU, as their latest study showed that 10,000 premature deaths occur yearly in the EU due to pollution from coal plants. Suzana has been a leading advocate for a right to clean air which applies to both workers and non-workers alike, similarly to the right for clean water. Suzana is interested in all aspect of the transition, including the empowering elements of switching to de-centralised electricity, through solar roof panels, in places outside of the EU. She has recently authored a chapter on the topic of the true cost of ecological transition for Friends of Europe. Outside of her climate work, she volunteers on the board of European Alternatives and is interested in theatre as a means to promote education for participatory democracy.

Suzana Carp will be a speaker at the conference Europe for the Many on Friday 8th November.