Samer Salameh was born in Syria and grew up in Yarmouk camp, Damascus. He studied English translation at Damascus University, and sociology in Lebanese University of Beirut 2009-2010. Since a young age, Samer has been active in the field of dramatic and visual arts. After participating in several theatre plays and short films in Damascus, Samer started filming the world around him. In 2008 and 2009, Samer produced his first two independent films narrating the story of Palestinian refugees who had fled Iraq. These films toured several international festivals. After being displaced from Syria, Samer settled in Paris, France where he continues directing and editing films, focusing particularly on the events that took place in his native Yarmouk. He completed his first feature-length documentary film 194 Us, Children of the Camp, produced by Bidayyat, which premiered at Visions du Réel in Nyons (2017) and has been screened at numerous festivals since.

Samer Salameh will be a speaker at Teatro Garibaldi on Saturday 9th November at 17h for the panel “Art and technology: a production of new narratives